Why buy natural and organic?

Why buy natural and organic?

THERE’S an emerging trend for natural and organic toiletries on the high street – and it makes a huge amount of sense. More and more people are paying attention to what they put on their skin; it’s no real surprise – we all want to be healthy and look our best. The truth is many products out there – some of them premium brands – contain chemicals and whole host of other ingredients which have been linked to skin irritation, eczema and other health concerns. Some of it comes down to cost and a need on the part of those companies to drive profits. There’s also a lack of appreciation as well, in some circles, for how important our skin actually is.
Here’s a true fact – our skin is our largest organ and absorbs a large percentage of what we put onto it. The ingredients in products we use on our skin can easily work their way into our body and bloodstream. Many synthetic chemicals used in toiletries have links to carcinogenic activity, allergic reactions and skin irritation. So the question shouldn’t really be: “Why should I use products with natural and organic ingredients?” It should be: “Why would I not use products with natural and organic ingredients?”
When it comes to children you love and care about, that question is even more important. Their skin is even more sensitive and delicate and less immune to the rigours of life. That’s why at The Little Bathtime Company, we have been very careful about what we put into our ultra mild range of children’s toiletries. More than 98 per cent of all our ingredients are naturally derived and we use organic fruit extracts, organic essential oil and organic aloe vera too. The result is a range of kind, gentle and mild children’s toiletries. Don’t just take our word for it though. All of our formulas have been through rigorous dermatological testing to ensure the claims we make are true. And what’s more, they are paediatrician and dermatologist approved too.
It isn’t just the team at The Little Bathtime Company who feel natural, gentle products with organic ingredients are important. Dragon’s Den businesswoman Deborah Meaden recently spoke about the importance of what we put on our skin – and she know’s her stuff! On a recent episode of the BBC programme, she said: “It is becoming more evident that what we put on our skin, is as important as what we put in our mouths.  As a result consumers have never been more savvy about what goes into the products they use on their family. In particular, parents want to be assured that bathtime products are gentle enough for young skin.”
You can have absolute confidence when buying products from The Little Bathtime Company.
Remember, they are packed with naturally derived ingredients and some organic ingredients too.
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